"My friends who are teachers say that their students see their parents as achieving everything they were taught to achive in terms of money, possessions, success, status- and their parents still aren't happy.
In fact, their parents are unhappier than their own parents, who had nothing. So these kids are suddenly going, 'Oh my gosh! If we're supposed to be chasing achievement, status, money, and we're seeing it not work for our parents, what the hell? What does success mean for us? If success isn't money, what is success now?'

I see people in crisis about not wanting to chase the money thing, because it's obviously not working for so many people who have the money thing. They're not sure what to chase now. In a way, that's part of the ongoing inquiry in process. What does 'success' mean now in the world? What will success mean for the next generation? What is the next definition of success?

Despite the highest standard of living in the world, most people aren't very happy. And a lot of these people are about to get old and die. And the children of those people are seeing how money and power might not be the key to happiness. And in that case...

...what will bring happiness?"

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