I pulled a couple
of shitty fingers out
and sucked on them.

They tasted like nothing.

The smell
is really
deceiving sometimes.

Maybe there just
wasn't much
on them.

It was almost like
he'd fallen asleep, only
his dreams were interactive.

He turned his head
and gave me
the closest thing
to a smile
that he could muster
from that angle
and in his condition.

From the way
his smile registered,
I think I just stared back,
I couldn't say,
I wasn't paying attention
to my own body; sometimes
I virtually forget
that it's even there.

Words by Thomas Moore


Don't Waste Time

"If it touches me, if it makes me feel something positive and inspiring, if it’s heart is in the right place. At this point, I am interested in things that convey some sincerity, some community and some friendship. I am so sick of negative and extreme culture, and I am not interested in adding to that."

"Start small and build it, but do it no matter what. As with anything creative, be it a book company, a record label, a band or whatever, it starts from an idea and can only grow as big as you can imagine. If it’s something you desire to do, then just do it, live it, be it. No one is going to do it for you. Be more than a witness. Take what you do seriously AND have fun."