Image by Sylvia Ji



"Well I'm driving to town,
But I'm on the same road that took me back home,
Now I'm heading to nothing 'cause its no more fun,
Going down through the pines,
what I'm doing I did before, And that's all I see,
Driving, driving sixteen miles,
I'm looking for something I don't want to do,
Because my coming to town it took me from you,
Now I'm losing my taste for the night life.

Now I feel like an island,
A man in a whorehouse, And I'm back again.
I go back to the highway,
I go back to the farmhouse, And the hills of grain.
And I wonder at all where I would be if I can't go and find you there,
Well I wondered so long where to find you and how,
I go standing in where I am right now,
Losing my taste for the night life."


A Fire



Passing Dream

Image by Bethan McKnight


This Touch

"I could've loved you girl, like a planet,

I could've chained your heart to a star,

But it really doesn't matter at all,

No it really doesn't matter at all,

Life's a gas."