Feel Like Dissappearing

Adris: I was in fifth grade and nobody liked me. I was the dork and I dressed bad and all this. And I remember sitting outside one day by a tree and everyone else was playing and I was sitting alone and suddenly I started screaming for no reason and I don't know why. I never knew why, I just started screaming my lungs out. And the teacher made me write on the blackboard five hundred times "I will not scream. I will not scream."

Bill: We're so used to what we do that it doesn't really seem as strange to us as it does to someone who might be interviewing us. To us it's just sort of what we do. But to other people it's just this sort of terribly inappropriate behavior. And that's the thing they're most interested in, is why do you want to make this awful music? But to us, we just think we sound like, just, another day.

Bill: Ok, let me tell you about a dream that I have. It's a recurring dream that I've had throughout my life. And this will probably give some insight into the band. I have this dream that I'm being chased by a really large angry mob of people and I'm running away laughing.

Adris: That's it. That describes us perfectly. How do you feel about that dream though?

Bill: It's a good dream for me, cause I always wake up feeling really happy. Cause I don't get caught, I escape.

Adris: So you feel like you're getting away with something, when you're playing.

Bill: I feel like I'm just....getting away.


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